Creative Retail Displays for Wholesale Ornaments and Gifts

By Lisa Mason

Keeping your retail area current and up to date is a must to keep your customers coming back and having a new experience each time they visit, which in turn leads to more sales.  Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

Reset at least a portion of your store and display windows on a regular basis (monthly or bi-monthly is suggested.)  This will keep your regular shoppers coming back to see what’s new.  Your customers and employees will enjoy sharing what’s new leading to increased sales!

Put an item in your display window that will make the potential customer not only stop, but are motivated enough to go from a window shopper to an actual paying customer.  This item doesn’t have to be store or product related, just one that will for sure catch your potential customers’ attention.  Also, be sure that your window and display areas are clean.  Nothing will turn your customer off more than smudged windows and expired insects on display!

Wow your customer as soon as they walk in the door.  Put your newest products and most attractive displays to the front of the store to be seen as soon as your customer walks through the door.

Be sure to use lighting to showcase your display areas.  This will draw your customer to that particular location and also assist them in seeing pricing and sizing, clearly.

Since we’re on the subject of pricing, be sure every item on your sales floor is priced.  One quick way to frustrate your customer is to not have items priced or clearly priced.   The same practice needs to be followed for sale items/areas.  Make sure signage is clear and well placed.

Schedule your store reset on a regular basis and during a time of the day that you know your business is a bit slower so you have plenty of time to complete your reset.  A certain section of your sales floor at a time should be tackled rather than having the entire store in disarray.

Encourage sales staff to come up with new and exciting display ideas.  Being part of the “team” and having input goes a long way to make your employee’s feel they are a valuable part of that team.  Holidays, local events, and season are just some themes to consider.

Finally, do a walk thru to see how the new window/display/reset will feel to your customer.  Will it make them walk on by or catch their eye drawing them in and leading to a sale you may have missed with the same old tired window and display?

Resetting your retail displays on a regular basis, creatively displaying your newest products and encouraging customers to buy, not just browse, is what makes successful retail stores outperform their peers.


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