Orca Collection

For the orca lover we offer this set of six graphic designs.  They are specially designed with a more graphic artistic expression not shown in our standard Pathfinders.  Note that each item, whether boxed or carded, is packaged with the same packaging as our regular Orca.

Pathfinder Product Sizing

Pendants:  Round 1″ 

Orca Collection Packaging

Boxed Pendants

Gift-boxed items are presented on flocked foam with a descriptive card (shown). The boxed card has the four attributes commonly associated with the animal and a poem in a Japanese Haiku format on the card. Gift-boxes generally have a higher perceived value.

Hang Cards

Hang-carded product is a two-sided card with orca whale attributes on the front.  The reverse side has the scientific name and four interesting “It’s True” interpretive facts. Hang cards take very little space to display.

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Explore the Orca Collection

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